Travel to Malmö

Fly to Malmö

Malmö Airport is 30 km to the east of Malmö. It is used mainly for domestic flights. The airport bus takes about half an hour and costs SEK 105 for an adult. A taxi to Malmö costs around SEK 75. Always ask for a fixed price.

Copenhagen Airport is on the Danish side of the Öresund Bridge. Öresundståg trains that stop at the airport are just a quick train ride away from Malmö C and cost SEK 105 for an adult.  Keep in mind that there might be temporary border controls at Copenhagen Airport and Hyllie station, that might could your trip to Malmö with 30 to 45 minutes.

Train to Malmö

The Central Station is very centrally located, close to Stortorget and the pedestrian street.

With SJ’s X2000 high-speed train, the journey between Malmö and Stockholm takes only four hours. Snälltåget operates the same route. Öresundståg operates services to places including Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Alvesta and Karlskrona.

There is a direct connection to Berlin most days. Otherwise, the best way to connect with trains to Europe is via Copenhagen.

Bus to Malmö

Most long-distance buses to Malmö stop at and depart from Norra Vallgatan by the Central Station. There are direct buses from places including Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping, as well as from many cities all across Europe. 

Car to Malmö

Malmö is easy to reach by car from both north and south. If you’re coming from Europe, there are plenty of ferry connections from Germany and Poland. From Denmark you can either drive over the Öresund Bridge or take the ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg.  If you take the bridge, the pay station is on the Swedish side.

Travel within Sweden

Look for public transport services between all places in Sweden at this website.

Parking in Malmö

First of all, ask whether your hotel offers free parking. Then check out this website.


Please note that links provided are to Swedish websites that do not always have English language versions.